Simulating longitudinal data in MLwiN

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Simulating longitudinal data in MLwiN

Post by MunyaDimairo »

Hi multilevel modellers

i'm trying to simulate longitudinal data with parameters extrapolated
from a pilot study using a random effect model below

* MODEL:=> Y_ijk = b_0i + b_1i*(Time_j) + b_2*(treat_k) + e_ijk

* where: b_0i~N(b_0, sig2_u0); b_2i~N(b_1, sig2_u1) and cov(b_0i,
b_1i)=(sig_u01) ; treat_k[0,1] is the treatment indicator and time_j is the time point of outcome measure. b_0i and b_1i follows a bivariate normal distribution

i'm just wondering if this is possible in MLwiN? if so, how? may you please help me on this.

with many thanks

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