PISA data analysis

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PISA data analysis

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone has used MLWin to analyse an individual country's PISA data (Australia here). There are two main questions I'm trying to get my head around: 1) how to handle the given weights (I note a previous other post on this received no reply -- in which the experimental status of the current weights function was noted), and 2) how to deal with the plausible values (there are five given for each achievement/ test domain). The PISA manuals are only partially helpful, but not completely; and I can not find any publlished reports of multi-level anlayses of PISA that really explain how these issues were handled). (There are nice examples for HLM users, which has a PV function -- but I made the shift to MLWin long ago...)

Any help? Anyone?

Thanks in advance

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