Worksheet reserved columns for bootstrapping

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Worksheet reserved columns for bootstrapping

Post by winkler99 »

Currently we are using the example outlined in Chapter 17 of the MLWiN manual to conduct bootstrapping (with the hope to eventually apply the approach to cross-classified mediation models as done in Pituch & Stapleton (2008)). I was able to locate information describing the contents of some reserved columns that are output in the MLwiN worksheet, but not all of them. Specifically, we are wondering about the contents of columns c1110, H, F~H, H*, P, Y-VAR, and c1491.

Is anyone able to provide some clarification (or resources that we may consult) to decipher the contents of the various worksheet columns produced from the bootstrapping? Any additional resources regarding reserved columns that we can consult for our other analyses would be very helpful as well.

Thanks so much.

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Re: Worksheet reserved columns for bootstrapping

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If you open the MLwiN help file and search for "reserved" you will find a topic named "Reserved groups, columns and boxes" which should provide you with a list of reserved columns. Is this the source that you found already?

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