Support with MLM power calculation

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Support with MLM power calculation

Post by lauriej23 »

Dear all,

Apologies if this isn't appropriate to post on here!

I'm looking to get some support with carrying out an MLM power calculation for my doctoral thesis (I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS clinically and completing my thesis doctorate). Both my supervisor and I are very new to MLM and we're struggling to get to grips with how to actually do it (we've tried Optimal Design and PINT but are failing!) - we need to carry out a power analysis in order to argue that our data is sufficient to answer our research question. We'd be really grateful for support/consultancy on this and can provide funds/authorship.

For my, thesis I am planning to use MLM on secondary data from the US to see whether therapist fidelity to Motivational Interviewing (which is measured by a % score, but could be dichotomised) is related to changes in an outcome variable (which is continuous). We're planning to use MLM because the observations are nested within individuals (i.e. 2 levels).

I'd be so grateful if anyone is able to provide consultancy to get in touch.

Thanks so much in advance,
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