MlWin on Mac

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MlWin on Mac

Post by LorentzEL »

I am a new MlWin user, but I have problems installing the version I have recieved.
I'm using Mac Os Catalina. I have downloaded the version I was given through the link, but I cannot start it on my computer.
How do I step forward?

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Re: MlWin on Mac

Post by ChrisCharlton »

The native Mac version of MLwiN (mlnscript) is a script only version, so you will probably want to run it either via R with R2MLwiN ( or Stata with runmlwin ( One thing to watch out for is that you need to copy all the files out of the .dmg image, as some of these can scroll out of view when opened in Finder.

You can find detailed information about MLwiN Mac compatibility at ... ysreq.html.

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