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Error with mi estimate and runmlwin

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:15 pm
by likestatistic
I am having trouble with mi estimate and runmlwin. I have a set of 30 imputed data.
This is my programme;

sort area lev2 id
xi: mi est, esampvaryok errorok cmdok : runmlwin reponse cons i.per ye i.gend ges bm ta i.par i.mar i.prim i.sim i.boo1 i.boo2 i.smo, level3(area: cons) level2(lev2: cons) level1(id: cons) forcesort nopause maxiterations(60) mlwinpath(C:\Program Files (x86)\MLwiN v2.32\i386\MLwiN.exe)

After the 14th imputation I getting the following error message

mi estimate: omitted terms vary
The set of omitted variables or categories is not consistent between m=1 and m=14; this is not allowed. To identify varying sets, you can use mi xeq to run the command on individual imputations or you can reissue the command with mi estimate, noisily

I have tried using esampvaryok and errorok but it didn’t work. I have checked my data using mi xeq and there is no missing. When running the command on each imputed data set serparatly, it work well.
Please find attached my table.

Could you please help me?

Many thanks