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I am trying to run REALCOM-IMPUTE but I keep getting an error message "The program can't start because mclmcrrt710.dll is missing from your computer. I assume that this is because I installed the wrong version of MATLAB runtime. I installed the R2012b Windows 32-bit version MATLAB runtime as suggested in the ... ation.html page. My installation of REALCOM-IMPUTE was from the Journal of Statistical Software paper which has a download for REALCOM-IMPUTE ( realcom-impute.msi). I was not able to find an REALCOM-Impute download at the ... ation.html page.

What should I do next?

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The file that you refer to appears to correspond to the Matlab runtime version 2009a, which Mathworks does not provide a public download for.

I would suggest downloading the version available at, which should work with the R2012b (32-bit) version of the Matlab runtime).
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