Help me please

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Help me please

Post by LutherPratt »

Hi you all, is there any possible way to set the starting values in Realcom? Please help me so that I can finish my project. I really appreciate your help!
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Re: Help me please

Post by ChrisCharlton »

Unfortunately there is not an easy way to set the starting values when running models in Realcom. I have not tested this but it appears that if you place a file named L2VARSTART into the Realcom-Impute directory then the values in this will be loaded as the starting values for the level-2 variances, however there does not seem to be an equivalent for other parameters. If you have a standalone version of Matlab you could try saving the model in Realcom, manually editing the model state in Matlab and then reloading it into Realcom, however this is not something that I have tried so I don't know how well that would work.
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