To begin with Stat-JR

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To begin with Stat-JR

Post by yongjookim78 »


I am posting this just to share a very tiny tip that I just got while spending some time to begin with Stat-JR.

I think the below places may be some helpful steps to start with Stat-JR for someone (like myself) who had no prior knowledge (at all) about Stat-JR:

1. What is Stat-JR: ... s/#general
2. How to Install? ... er-statjr/
3. Manuals:
4. Templates: ... evelImpute

Currently I am in the step 2, and will keep updating it!

Best wishes,
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Re: To begin with Stat-JR

Post by Darlenekennelly »

Thank you so much yongjookim78 ! This was so informative and it really helped me a lot. please do updating it..

Thank you so much :D
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Re: To begin with Stat-JR

Post by Williambert »

Thank you so much! That was really informative.It contain all the basic things.Very useful for newbies like me.
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