presenting MCMC visuals on rmarkdown

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Re: presenting MCMC visuals on rmarkdown

Post by tjsduq64 »

Adding BD function works perfectly now for the sixway function.

The last error I am having is that when I have more than 6 parameters in the model and trajectories functions will have to display more than 6 plots, it only shows the first 6 plots. When I do not knit via rmarkdown and just run the code, I get multiple windows with plots, if there are more than 6 plots. It seems that rmarkdown is not able to catch multiple windows of plots.
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Re: presenting MCMC visuals on rmarkdown

Post by ChrisCharlton »

This will be due to the trajectories function calling whenever it has too many graphs to plot on one screen (see ... ectories.R). The workarounds that I can think of are to either plot the trajectories in smaller subset chunks or adapt the code from within the function to create the plots yourself. The actual plotting code in this function is relatively small.
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