errorr gcc compiler

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Re: errorr gcc compiler

Post by mithuabanerjee »

on typing that at the command prompt, I get:

g++.exe <GCC> 4.7.0 20111220 <experimental>
Copyright <C> 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

So, in summary it's version 4.7.0

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Soütrik Banerjee.
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Re: errorr gcc compiler

Post by richardparker »

Hi - thanks for the information. You seem to be running an older version of g++, from 2011. That's not a version we've tested Stat-JR with, so it's possible that may be contributing to the problem.

The .cmd file we sent you was meant to set the path to C:\MinGW\bin, but we've realised there was a mistake in the way we'd specified it - sorry. So it would have been using whatever compiler appears first in your path (which is likely to be the older version of g++, from 2011).

We've updated the .cmd file (attached) to explicitly set the path to C:\MinGW\bin. Assuming that is where you downloaded and installed MinGW when following the instructions here ( ... er-statjr/), that should ensure Stat-JR uses a more recent version of MinGW.

So, to run, please follow the instructions as before: i.e. unzip it and copy the command file into the directory in which Stat-JR is installed (e.g. C:\StatJR\TREE command.cmd), and then execute it.

If you still get the same problem, please check which version of g++ you have in C:\MinGW\bin by navigating to C:\MinGW\bin in Windows Explorer, pressing shift and right-clicking, then selecting Open command window here, and typing g++ --version at the prompt.

We would be grateful if you could let us know the outcome.

Many thanks,

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Re: errorr gcc compiler

Post by mithuabanerjee »


Thanks a lot, the problem is solved now !

Instead of running from the "start > CMM > StatJR TREE" menu, I ran the new TREE command.cmd saved at the location "C:\StatJR".

I also checked (by right clicking on the command prompt here at the "C:\StatJR\bin" folder location) the newer MinGW version installed (after the bug correction procedure as suggested in the website for StatJR installation) at the same location (i.e., C:\) of StatJR. It now gives 4.8.1 (and not 4.7.0).

Best regards.
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