Setting up negative binomial counting model in runmlwin

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Setting up negative binomial counting model in runmlwin

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I am a long time user of MLwiN and runmlwin.
Although I think I have the latest versions of both, I am not able to find a worked example setting up a negative binomial count model in runmlwin. I have printed out and reviewed the useful chapter-by-chapter manual that provides worked through examples translating mlwin examples to runmlwin.
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Re: Setting up negative binomial counting model in runmlwin

Post by ChrisCharlton »

Unfortunately we don't have many resources covering negative binomial models in MLwiN. You can find some information on ... l#discrete however I don't believe that this includes worked examples. Setting up these models in runmlwin should take the same form as Poisson count models except that instead of distribution(poisson) you will need to specify distribution(nbinomial). This means that it should be possible to adapt one of the Poisson examples to get an idea of the required syntax.
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