HELP setting up multiple membership model

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HELP setting up multiple membership model

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I'll be assisting someone setup a multiple membership model and need a little guidance. First, about the data: It's repeated measures of students within schools. Children are nested in one school per year. There are five years of data, which means children can attend a maximum of five schools throughout the study. When creating the multiple membership weights, it appears that at least part of the data has to be in wide format to store those weights.

In setting up what would normally be a three-level model with a year ID, student ID, and school ID, do I simply add in wide format the attendance pattern and store the weights at level 4? It is unclear from the examples in the user's guide and in the practical how to carry out this weight construction for longitudinal data.

Alternatively, should my model be set up as a two-level model with year ID and student ID with only the attendance patterns in wide format?

Diego Torres
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